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Re: [eclipselink-users] Dynamic Weaving question

Hi Leon,

Dynamic weaving occurs at bootstrap time - the first time you get an EntityManager from a particular EntityManagerFactory. After that, it will not occur again while your application server is running. The decision about whether to use dynamic or static weaving depends entirely on whether the time spent to bootstrap is acceptable to you. Changing to static weaving can provide some improvement in the bootstrap time.

Having said that, if you are in a container that does not implement Java EE 5 (like TomCat), the only way to get weaving is to use static weaving. Non-EE5 containers do not provide the classloader hooks we need to be allowed to weave. Using -javaagent, does not help because it does not give us access to the classloader we need.


Leon Derks wrote:

In the documenation I read: "If the number of classes to weave is large or the time required to weave the classes is long, consider using static weaving."

But what is considered a large number of classes (10??,100??).
And how do I know if the time required to weave the classes is long?

And do I have to start Tomcat with -javaagent:eclipselink-agent.jar to enable dynamic weaving?

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