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[eclipselink-users] OSGi Dynamic Weaving?

Alright, I'm trying to get dynamic weaving working in an RCP app.

First off the M7 osgi release jars didn't work, i ended up having to
download the .core & .jpa plugins from source (M7 tag).

The osgi stuff works fine with the M7 plugins from svn source, however
I thought dynamic weaving was supposed to work now. So, I added
-javaagent:c:\\eclipselink.jar to my vmargs and launch my application
and it fails with the following error:

FATAL ERROR in native method: processing of -javaagent failed

ClassNotFoundException: javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo
. and so on.

I'm a complete newbie to doing any sort of weaving, and the directions
didn't really make it clear where exactly the eclipselink.jar should
be placed (Does it have to be inside one of my bundles maybe?).

Any help on how to actually use it inside eclipse launching an RCP app
would be nice.


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