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Re: [eclipselink-users] MOXy: Inheritance hierarchy for classes?

Ah, I got it now!  I see the inherited attributes in the tree.  Thank you so
much for your help.

I also finally found the documentation that I have been looking for that
describes these screens:

I had clicked on the Help link inside the WorkBench, but it took me to the
top-level site , and I never
found the user guide for the WorkBench.  Now I don't have to stumble around
as much.  :)



Neil Hauge wrote:
> Polly, 
> In order to use the "Map Inherited Attributes" feature, you need to
> define your superclass(es) in the Non-Descriptor class repository. 
> This is a mechanism that controls what information we store about
> non-descriptor classes in your project.  To add these non-descriptor
> (non-persistent) classes to the Workbench, you should go to the
> "Workbench->Manage Non-Descriptor Classes..." menu.option.  There
> you can add one or many classes at a time that you want to use for
> superclass information. 
> The inherited attributes will show up in the tree after mapping
> inherited, but they will not appear in the Class Info/Attributes tab. 
> Let me know if you have any problems getting this to work. 
> Neil 

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