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Re: [eclipselink-users] Will EclipseLink work in a true autocommit environment?

Not sure what you mean by "work".  EclipseLink will begin and commit
transactions where required.  If your database does not support transactions
then (if it silently ignores JDBC commit()) you will just not get any
transaction semantics.  If it throws an error on JDBC commit() then it will
not work, you could disable EclipseLink from processing transactions
(DatabaseLogin.setUsesExternalTransactionController(true)), but it would
seem to be an odd design choice to be using a database configuration that
does not support transactions.

MySQL does support transactions.

Tim Hollosy wrote:
> I'm using EclipseLink with a non jta datasource, due to some weird
> proxy stuff I have to stay in autocommit mode. I thought that was
> working fine, but now that we're in heavier test mode I see that
> EclipseLink is turning autocommit off when beginning a transaction,
> and back on again after a commit.
> I thought that EclipseLink's transactions were independent of the
> database, but apparently I was mistaken.
> So my question is, is it possible for EclipseLink to work in a true
> autocommit environment? I assumed it would because it works with mysql
> (we're in postgres behind a proxy, and our proxy version doesn't
> support transactions).
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> ./tch

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