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[eclipselink-users] Problems with @PrivateOwned annotation : "Ignoring @PrivateOwned on element ..."

i have an Entity with a method like :

@OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
	public List<A> getList() {
		return list;

but the @PrivateOwned annotation is ignored, i get this message:

[EL Warning]: 2008.05.11
@PrivateOwned on element [public java.util.List
eclipselinktest.B.getList()] within entity class [class
eclipselinktest.B]. A @PrivateOwned can only be used with a
@BasicCollection, @BasicMap, @OneToOne and @OneToMany.

this is a @OneToMany, why it ignores the @PrivateOwned annotation ?

Or this is the not right way to use it ?

Just to understand if i mark it with @PrivateOwned, when i
remove/clear elements from the list then the elements will be removed
from the database too, right?

Thanks for the help

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