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Re: [eclipselink-users] Toplink Essential

Frans Thamura wrote:

On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 8:39 PM, <DOUGLAS.CLARKE@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:DOUGLAS.CLARKE@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Besides critical bug fixes there is no active development going on
    with TopLink Essentials. EclipseLink is replacing TopLink
    Essentials in GlassFish V3 with all the same JPA features plus
    additional functionality. This is basically an upgrade of the
    persistence in GlassFish.
As far as Oracle goes we ship TopLink Essentials in the 10.1.3
    Oracle TopLink and OracleAS distributions for JPA compliance.
    Starting in a future release EclipseLink will replace this
    functionality and eventually Oracle TopLink will only package
    EclipseLink to deliver its persistence functionality.
Going forward EclipseLink is the future direction for customers
    using TopLink Essentials and current releases of Oracle TopLink.

i am new in glassfish, and i am eclipse user since 2.x, and i have problem with glassfish development here.
Just curious what issues are you having developing with GlassiFish. You can post your issues to users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to get help


but i believe u are dali commiter also,

can give me the glue of these thing also?



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