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RE: [eclipselink-users] Correct Way of Writing Generic Select All Query? (Here's how i did it)


James filed a bug to address this requirement if you are interested in tracking it or contributing to the discussion of what the final solution might look like.

What you have done is fine but we should add a more elegant and less proprietary solution for this.


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Subject: [eclipselink-users] Correct Way of Writing Generic Select All
Query? (Here's how i did it)

I noticed myself writing the same select all query over and over
again, here's how I made it generic.

This is a method in my "model" class (a class that holds an instance
of my EntityManager)

	public List<?> selectAll(Class<?> clazz)
	   JpaEntityManager jpaEm = JpaHelper.getEntityManager(getEntityManager());
	    Query query = jpaEm.createQuery(null, clazz);
	    return query.getResultList();

So I'm basically creating a new query with a null expression, this way
I'm not writing boiler plate Select queries. Is there a more elegant
way of doing it though?

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