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[eclipselink-users] No Class Def when more than one Entity (osgi)

I'm running into some bizarre behavior on a particular schema.

I have 2 osgi projects, a UI project and a Model Project, when I
reference the model project from the ui project under certain
conditions (I'm not sure which yet) I will get a no class def found if
I try to access an entity from the model project.

I generate my entities using dali (I've got maybe 10 tables), launch
it, try to just create an entity from the model project: Order order =
new Order();

I'll get a no class def found error, however if I remove all the other
entities (and thus some many to one mappings, etc.) and do a new Order
= new Order();

Boom, no problem, no errors.

This is kind of strange to me since the .class files are being
generated in both cases.  The only thing that I can come up with is
the class loader is going bonkers somewhere loading one of the
entities and short circuits (silently) maybe because of some odd
weaving? I haven't been able to figure out exactly at what point this
occurs or if it's a specific entity that's causing the problem.

On a side note, I am unable to verify the entity integrity using Dali
JPA tools because of a Dali bug with quoting of Postgres table names
not occuring (argh!).

I do have logging set up on FINEST, and om not seeing anything odd
besides the usual warnings about default PK's etc. If anyone with a
bit more knowledge of class loading or other black magic could chime
in I'd be eternally grateful.

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