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Re: [eclipselink-users] Approval for contributing to EclipseLink

Hi Bryan,

   Great news!  Let's open bugs for each of these features and we can discuss them there.  Once filed you could email the bugzilla numbers to this list so that other eclipselink-user who want to follow the conversation can add themselves to the bug cc list.  This is the standard Eclipse approach and has been working well for us on other features. 


Bryan Hunt wrote:
Good news, I finally have formal approval to contribute to EclipseLink.  Here are the areas that I have code that could possibly be contributed:

Obtaining the EntityManagerFactory from an OSGi service.
Obtaining a DataSource from an OSGi service.
Specifying entities in an Eclipse extension - no persistence.xml

All of these areas are certainly outside of the JPA specification, but I believe they provide some nice "Eclipse like" enhancements.  Would this mailing list the be best place to discuss these topics to determine if they are desired functionality for EclipseLink, or would you prefer I open entries in Bugzilla?


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