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Re: [eclipselink-users] Defining persistence.xml programatically?

Hi Tim,

   On the topic of RCP, have you seen our work on packaging EclipseLink as OSGi bundles?

   In the demos folder in the OSGi branch you'll find a primitive (as in "this is my first RCP app") example of using EclipseLink in RCP.  The demo is "org.eclipse.persistence.example.jpa.rcp.comics".  If you want to run this you'll need to setup the database following the instructions on the POC wiki page.

   In the next milestone we'll be updating EclipseLink to build OSGi bundles, in addition to the current eclipselink.jar, which you'll be able to download rather than having to build them yourself.


Tim Hollosy wrote:
I'm looking into using EclipseLink in an RCP application, and for
obvious reason's i'm not keen on distributing my database login info
in an xml file.

I'd like to define it programatically in java, however all the
documentation I can find just talks about defining a project.xml or

Has anyone done this?



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