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[eclipselink-users] Status of MOXy/JAXB - ready for a real project?


We're about to engage in a project which requires loading/importing fairly
large XML files (10MB < x < 100MB). The content in the files needs some
processing, like comparing values with values already stored elsewhere.
I've been looking at Oracle Toplink OXM to do this, which has been donated
to Eclipse as part of EclipseLink MOXy.

Following some of the documentation on the eclipse side, I found myself
reading stuff not in the distribution; like the tljaxb.cmd script. So my
question is: can I use EclipseLink MOXy already for these types of
assignments, or should I look elsewhere (e.g. Toplink OXM, or something
different altogether)?

I already asked the question of whether MOXy would support these large
files on the OTN (Oracle Technology Network forum) and got a positive
reaction on that.


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