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RE: [eclipselink-users] How to configure JMS coordinated cluster outside of Eclipse workbench

Hello Ellen,
   The class in the internal package is the correct SessionCustomizer but packaged incorrectly.  Product migration seems to have misplaced a couple of classes.  We will get this worked out soon and update the packages.  A bug has been filed :

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Subject: [eclipselink-users] How to configure JMS coordinated cluster
outside of Eclipse workbench

I am trying to configure a coordinated cluster in my Eclipselink JPA
component, without using the Eclipse workbench UI.
According to the documentation
( )
I should be able to customize the session by defining a class that
but I can't find that interface in the latest Eclipselink build.  Is
there another class I should be using?  (I found one in the internals
package, but that didn't seem intended for public use.)

Is defining a customizer class still the best way to go for this?  (I
need to defined the JMS topic name, etc for the coordinated caches.)  I
looked into creating my own sessions.xml, but there are some required
attributes (such as session version) that I don't know how to set.

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