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Re: [eclipselink-users] Problem creating tables

Hi Ellen,

Are you using the DDL generation feature of EclipseLink? If so, can you forward the persistence unit properties you are using to enable it? If not, how are you generating your tables.

I suspect the problem is related to the way GlassFish does table generation. It expects EclipseLink to provide some files it can use to add and drop tables. I am wondering if it is having trouble finding them because of an integration issue.


Ellen Kraffmiller wrote:
I am able to use the nightly build in Glassfish, and the persistence unit deploys correctly, as long as my tables already exist. However I'm running into a problem when I drop my tables and redeploy the application - no tables are created in the database. I'm not seeing any error messages in my server log, but I noticed the nightly build had some test failures relating to create table. Could the failures in the nightly build be related to the problem I'm seeing?
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