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Re: [eclipselink-dev] [External] : EclipseLink 3.0.3-RC2

Hi Will,

	I think, that it's related with design of the release job ( )
	Our current working version is something like 3.x.x-SNAPSHOT.
	Release job locally change version (see into something what we want use as a release version e.g. 3.0.3-RC2,
	but this commit is not promoted back to the main repo.
	I always place git tag with (pre)release version into main repo manually to mark point of release.
Why manually? Because in most cases there is two-phases release. First into Jakarta staging to make time window for some testing (TCKs) and second movement from Jakarta staging into Maven Central. I put tag into main repo at the moment of publishing into Maven Central. There should be delay between Jakarta staging and Maven Central days or in some cases weeks. But I agree, that this git hash should be confusing. I think, that I'll put lines into some condition controlled by release job to prevent original git hash.
	I created issue for this see .

Thank You

On 8/8/22 21:02, William Dazey wrote:

I was looking at the EclipseLink 3.0.3-RC2 build:;!!ACWV5N9M2RV99hQ!NScwMc0Az32K_gAP1TvIIamgkb62fMh7uSl70Djuhq0rG7iosvQPyJ0md3mRxV0IaDzBLicqNytTKjfeL3cMYg$

Something that caught my eye was in the file:

What does the `buildRevision` value indicate? I assumed it was the
git.hash value, but I don't see a git hash, in the 3.0 branch,
matching/starting with that value. Is there a git hash value in the
build anywhere? I ask because it is very helpful to match up an
artifacts build with the specific git commits included in it. As is, I
cannot really determine where this 3.0.3 RC2 build falls in the commit

Will Dazey
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