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Re: [eclipselink-dev] [External] : EclipseLink 2.7.9


On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 10:37 PM Lukas Jungmann <lukas.jungmann@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
3.0.2 should be cut off soon too. But when exactly is the second thing...

Do you think we should release it right after 2.7.9 (means within a week
after 2.7.9 is done) or should we have bigger window between these two
releases (say having 3.0.2 around the end of June/beginning of July)?

For inclusion in GlassFish 6.2.0 a week after 2.7.9 would be ideal. GlassFish 6.2.0 is coming up soon (targeted for mid-june now). But we can always do a GF 6.2.1, so no big worries if it doesn't make it into 6.2.0.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms


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