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[eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink 3.0.1 bundle


I downloaded the EclipseLink 3.0.1 OSGi Bundles Zip

However, looking at the artifacts within, I am a bit confused if the
content is correct. It seems to me that the packaging might be
incorrect. I am primarily comparing this release with 2.7.8

For instance, here are some of the files:


1) It would appear that we are packaging both 3.0.1 and a 3.0.2
SNAPSHOT in this down. Is there a reason for this? It looks like a
mistake and seems unnecessary to me.

2) We are including the source, which is consistent with other
releases, but again, it looks to be against some SNAPSHOT and not
`569c89c116`, which is supposed to be the hash.

3) The `3.0.1` release has a `qualifier` on the end instead of the
actual release hash. This is inconsistent with other releases, such as
the 2.7.8 release I posted above. I can crack open the file and see that the release appears to be
correct, but the artifacts were all incorrectly named.

I would appreciate any input.

Will Dazey

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