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[eclipselink-dev] Freezing master till Monday Oct 21 - switching master to maven


I'd like to ask all committers to not merge anything to master from now till Monday Oct 21 or till PR #381[1] gets merged - whatever comes first.

We've completed work on PR[1] which migrates EclipseLink build from the ant/Tycho mix to pure maven and we would like to avoid rebasing it as the change itself touches >20k files.

   The PR[1] itself consists of three commits:
1) maven files, migration related scripts
2) the switch itself
3) clean up

How the build is supposed to work after the switch is documented at

We kindly ask all committers to spend some time on trying this out and/or reviewing this PR. Should there be at least 3 approvals and no requests for changes in the PR by Friday Oct 18, we'll merge the change to master on Friday.

   Note: We are not planning to make the same change in any other branches.



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