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[eclipselink-dev] Voting #463042 and #518774 for 2.7.5

Hi all,


Kindly review these issues, for which patches are available, for inclusion in EclipseLink 2.7.5.

2017-06-26 #518774 SAP HANA DB 2.x is detected as DB2Platform instead of HANAPlatform

2019-04-25 #463042 JPQL Case operator is not thread-safe


As org.eclipse.persistence jars are signed, there are scenarios where it is very hard to super-impose patches over EclipseLink on the classpath.

Forking whole EclipseLink to embed needed pending fixes is not really an adequate measure.


If timely provision of fixes is not possible, offering an unsigned set of JARs on Maven Central in addition to the signed ones would create necessary degree of freedom to apply patches oneself dynamically.


Are there any recommendations how to move forward here?


Thank you,




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