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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Eclipselink Master build issue


On 3/22/19 10:35 PM, Ravi babu Tummuru wrote:
Hi Lukas,

I changed eclipse.drop to mars and build passed that stage and I see a different issue now.

this particular change is very likely going to break the build on JDK 11...

Are you sure you JDK is either 8 or 11? Are you sure Maven is 3.6.0 and Ant is 1.10.2 or newer? Are you sure you are building from the repository head? Your fork of eclipselink repo says that master 102 commits behind master from the main repo, so this seems to be worth checking...

     [java] [INFO] Adding repository file://scratch/rtummuru/eclipselink/foundation/org.eclipse.persistence.corba/../../buildsystem/compdeps/org.eclipse.persistence.compdeps.p2repo/target/repository      [java] [INFO] Resolving dependencies of MavenProject: org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.corba:3.0.0-SNAPSHOT @ /scratch/rtummuru/eclipselink/foundation/org.eclipse.persistence.corba/pom.xml      [java] [INFO] {osgi.os=linux,, org.eclipse.update.install.features=true, osgi.arch=x86_64}
      [java] [ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
     [java] [ERROR]   Software being installed: org.eclipse.persistence.corba 3.0.0.qualifier      [java] [ERROR]   Missing requirement: org.eclipse.persistence.corba 3.0.0.qualifier requires 'java.package; javax.rmi 1.0.0' but it could not be found
      [java] [ERROR]
     [java] [ERROR] See for help.

The build on travis is passing without any issues on oracle JDK 8 and 11[1]. The nightly on hudson is quite stable as well[2]. So this clearly must be something on your environment. ... what about proxy? Does your $HOME/.m2/settings.xml ($M2_HOME/conf/settings.xml is not the best place for this[3]) contain proxy definitions for both HTTPS and HTTP? Do they have different ID there? Are they defined in this particular order or is HTTP first in the definition list (some maven plugins are sensitive to which definition comes first)?



     [java] [ERROR] Cannot resolve dependencies of MavenProject: org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.corba:3.0.0-SNAPSHOT @ /scratch/rtummuru/eclipselink/foundation/org.eclipse.persistence.corba/pom.xml: See log for details -> [Help 1]
      [java] [ERROR]
     [java] [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.      [java] [ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
      [java] [ERROR]
     [java] [ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:      [java] [ERROR] [Help 1]

/scratch/rtummuru/eclipselink/antbuild.xml:493: Java returned: 1

Total time: 1 minute 7 seconds


slc15sng:/scratch/rtummuru/eclipselink/buildsystem/compdeps >git diff pom.xml
diff --git a/buildsystem/compdeps/pom.xml b/buildsystem/compdeps/pom.xml
index 45f9fc3..1db3f27 100644
--- a/buildsystem/compdeps/pom.xml
+++ b/buildsystem/compdeps/pom.xml
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@

          <!-- BUILD Properties -->
-        <eclipse.drop>2018-12</eclipse.drop>
+        <eclipse.drop>mars</eclipse.drop>

          <!-- DEPENDENCY Versions -->
@@ -464,4 +464,4 @@
\ No newline at end of file



On 3/21/2019 3:03 PM, Lukas Jungmann wrote: says everything works. Next things to check are bugzilla and probably cross-project-dev mailing list archive. There was some issue related to not working mirrors earlier today but that is supposed to be fixed - and I haven’t experienced it


21. 3. 2019 v 22:42, Ravi babu Tummuru <ravi.babu.tummuru@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ravi.babu.tummuru@xxxxxxxxxx>>:

Thank u for the quick reply.

I feel there is some thing wrong with repository I tried to connect directly from eclipse native browser/update, but failed.

     [echo] Generating local 'Compile Dependency P2 Repository' using Tycho.      [echo] -Dclassworlds.conf=/scratch/rtummuru/apache-maven-3.5.3/bin/m2.conf
     [echo] -Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory=buildsystem/compdeps
     [echo] -Dmaven.home=/scratch/rtummuru/apache-maven-3.5.3
     [echo]     clean verify
     [java] [INFO] Scanning for projects...
     [java] [INFO] Computing target platform for MavenProject: org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.sun-misc:1.0.5-SNAPSHOT @ /scratch/rtummuru/eclipselink/buildsystem/compdeps/sun.misc/pom.xml      [java] [INFO] Adding repository file://scratch/rtummuru/eclipselink/buildsystem/compdeps/sun.misc/../org.eclipse.persistence.compdeps.internal/target/repository      [java] [INFO] Fetching p2.index from      [java] [INFO] Fetching p2.index from      [java] [INFO] Adding repository



On 3/21/2019 2:12 PM, Lukas Jungmann wrote:
     [java] [WARNING]
     [java] [WARNING] Some problems were encountered while building the effective settings      [java] [WARNING] expected START_TAG or END_TAG not TEXT (position: TEXT seen ...   | the parameter in question.\n   |\n   | Default: true\n  -->\n  <i... @64:5)  @ /scratch/rtummuru/apache-maven-3.5.3/conf/settings.xml, line 64, column 5

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