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[eclipselink-dev] 3-13 Java 9 Updates to Eclipselink Master and 2.6 broke 2.6_WAS

The recent changes to Master and 2.6 which updated Eclipselink to ASM 6 have broken 2.6_WAS.  This is because the resources at the ref to from buildsystem/org.eclipse.persistence.parent/pom.xml in 2.6 (and 2.6_WAS) now contains dependency information for ASM 6, which the regular 2.6 branch was updated to consume, but because 2.6_WAS was not, it fails with version range errors.

I've looked at the system (very frustrating that the shell doesn't allow cd, pwd, or mkdir commands) and noticed that what I suspect (and hope) is that the old compdep26-update was renamed to compdeps26-update-20170313. 

Since we are not prepared to move 2.6_WAS to ASM 6 yet, I could conceivably update the 2.6_WAS pom.xml to point to the update-20170313 directory, but I think I would rather maintain a compdeps26 dir that is under 2.6_WAS control (ie, compdeps26_WAS-update).  Since it seems like my access/shell has very limited command use (trying to make compdeps26_WAS-update was when I discovered I could not perform a mkdir), how is a committer supposed to go about creating that resource (which is effectively a mkdir compdeps26_WAS-update followed by a cp -R compdeps26-update-20170313/* compdeps26_WAS-update )?

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