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[eclipselink-dev] Adding support for "" using the CriteriaBuilder

I was able to modify org.eclipse.persistence.internal.expressions.ExpressionSQLPrinter to handle queries containing the ""  but I had to resolve qualified tables names to their alias (ex: table org.employe -> t0)  in the printField method.
According to the comment at the top of the file this resolution is not in responsibilities of the ExpressionSQLPrinter class, could someone point me to the correct place to do that mapping ?

Thank you
Nicolas Marcotte
Analyste technologique – Architecture, conception et développement
Système d’information - Service des technologies de l'information
Université de Sherbrooke
Tél:  819 821-8000 poste 63276       
Courriel : Nicolas.Marcotte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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