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Re: [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink codebase closed

2.6 branch is open for backports, thank you for patience. Please recap the backport process below.


On 05.03.15 14:42, Martin Grebac wrote:
Committers, thank you for your patience, master is now open for contributions.

When fixing issues in master (2.7.0) codeline, please also evaluate them for 2.6 backport. Any compatible fixes which successfully pass test cycle in master should be fine to backport, but as usual every case is different so it's up to the author and reviewer(s) to consider each case individually.

Just please wait with backports until we open 2.6 branch for contributions.

To reflect the fixes in BugZilla you should be setting Target milestone to 2.7.0 when the issue is fixed in master, and update it to 2.6.1 after 2.6 backport.


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