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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Criteria API for EclipseLink

Hi Hebert,
thanks for the proposal. My take on this is that (putting Criteria API complexity aside) I don't see the reasons why this should be tightly coupled with EclipseLink, given one of the features of your project is provider independence and anyone should be able to use it with EclipseLink (or other provider) even now, or choose a different ease of use implementation to use. What I'd suggest at this point is if you could write up a wiki page or some other form of doc on how to use uaiCriteria with EclipseLink we would be able to include or link it from our wiki.

On 07.11.14 16:18, Hebert Coelho wrote:
Hello, how are you?

I sent this email to Rick Curtis, and he told the this list is the best email for my proposal.

What do you guys think about the idea described below?

I just want to share an idea with you, and if possible with the other EclipseLink committers later.

I like EclipseLink and I use it in my projects, but one think that I believe that it lack is an easy way to use JPA Criteria.

I have one proposition to make. I am the creator of the framework named uaiCriteria (, that makes easier to use JPA criteria. The framework old name was EasyCriteria, but I just found out that there is another frameworks with this name. That is why now it is named uaiCriteria.

What if we join forces and in a future EclipseLink version we send the uaiCriteria code embedded with EclipseLink code? I believe that it will attract more people to use it.

About the framework:

  * It is Open Source and free to use:
  * It has 100% of test coverage
    <> -
    All tests run with in HSQLDB, no mocks
  * It had only one bug related in all versions, that was fixed in
    this new version
  * Works with EclipseLink, Hibernate, OpenJPA almost 100% without a
    problem. With Batoo works more or less 50% because Batoo has a lot
    of bugs
  * Only one dependency is needed that is JPA interfaces
  * The Artifact has only 120kb.

I was thinking about we creating something like EntityManagerLink (something that would belong to EclipseLink) that would make the user able to create an instance of the uaiCriteria interface.

To finish this email, look at the Criteria below:

Imagem inline 1

It could be reduced to:
Imagem inline 2

I do believe that both side could win if we could ship uaiCriteria as a EclipseLink functionality. I known some developers that send me email saying that instead of using Hibernate Criteria are using uaiCriteria because it is easier to use.

I hope you like the idea and that we could discuss it with the EclipseLink committee about it.

Thanks for your time.


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