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[eclipselink-dev] RFR: [444952] update oracleddlparser project


   I'd kindly ask someone to review the patch for bug 444952[1].

   Project build from the command line takes ages and eventually fails due to:
-unresolvable ojdbc6.jar

-update Tycho to 0.21 which is available from Maven central
-allow ojdbc6.jar to be found in the system ( ${basedir}/../../extension.lib.external/ojdbc6.jar), fallback to Maven if not
-move resource files to appropriate folder (src/main/resources) and update necessary properties/poms

calling 'mvn' currently - correctly - reports 7 failures with Oracle DB 12c and all these failures are related to syntax changes in 12c. Fixing these failures is my next step.



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