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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Bug 347190 - LAZY IndirectSet is fetched needlessly during a Query

The bug filed was for a particular situation demonstrated in the use case, and it seems to still remain fixed. I'd recommend a new bug as what you describe seems a different situation and new investigation is required to figure out the cause.

Patches can be uploaded to bugs, as access to the site requires sign off on contributions as per the terms of use.

Looking at the last comments in the bug, objectIsInstantiated is required to return true if the collection is not an indirect list. This method checks if the list has been instantiated or false if it is untriggered. Only an indirect container implementation can be untriggered, as it is used by EclipseLink when building the object for a lazy relationship to hold code that knows how to get the underlying data from the database. An ArrayList or other concrete container implementation is used by the application, and so is triggered by definition. You might want to check that everything within the Department is actually refreshed as I believe another bug was recently fixed related to this. If it is refreshing, I'd start looking at the code used to build the department within the ObjectBuilder class and go from there.

Best Regards,

On 07/11/2013 11:55 AM, Alfredo Manuel Osorio Martinez wrote:

There are certain scenarios where this bug is still reproducible, so it
is not totally solved. I am working on the solution and I want to
provide a patch. My question is:

·Should I create another bug because right now the status of this one is

·Do I have to sign some kind of agreement to provide the patch? I've
seen this in ASF projects, but I don't know here.

Alfredo Osorio

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