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[eclipselink-dev] Git push master: Bug#406993 - custom serializers

Git push master: Bug#406993 - custom serializers


Adds some serializer updates, and adds commit order option to order by changes.



- Added "eclipselink.persistence-context.commit-order" persistence unit property to configure commit order

- Deprecated "eclipselink.order-updates" persistence unit property.

- Added CommitOrderType to config to define commit order options, ID, CHANGES, NONE (order updates/deletes by Id, or group updates by changes/id, or don't do any ordering other than constraint ordering)

- Replaced some Vector references to List in change records

- Changed CommitManager to support ordering updates by changes (to group same SQL for batch writing)

- Added changes Comparator to ObjectChangeSet

- Added some set methods to change sets for custom serialization.

- Added CommitOrderType to UnitOfWork

- Added Serializer initialization

- Added serializer to RCM

- Added AbstractSerializer

- Added JPQL test for AS OF clause.

- Fixed AbstractObjectLevelReadQueryVisitor to disable maintain cache for AS OF queries.

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