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[eclipselink-dev] Git main push: Bug#406993 - xml, json, kryo, custom, serializers

Git main push: Bug#406993 - xml, json, kryo, custom, serializers


Design doc:


Adds support for custom serializers for cache coordination and serialized mappings.



- Defined existing (serialized, class-instance) reserved Convert names as static variables, and added xml, json, kryo for other serialization types.

- Added @SerializedConverter, @SerializedConverters to allow specification of the Serializer to use for serialized converters.

- Added persistence unit property to define cache coordination serializer, "eclipselink.cache.coordination.serializer".

- Added some initial JGroups configuration.

- Added ClassNameConversionRequired to allow generic Converter class conversion.

- ObjectBuilder, ResultSetRecord, SimpleResultSetRecord: did some micro optimizations

- UnitOfWorkChangeSet: switched to serializing instead of converting to bytes in RCM command, convert entire command to bytes instead.

- CommandPropagator, RemoteCommandManager : allow command to be passed as bytes and support custom serialization.

- SerializedObjectConverter: added support for serializers.

- SessionProfiler: added profiling of cache coordination.

- KryoSerializer: changed to be thread safe.

- Added serializer tests to JPA lob model.

- Added JPA meta-data for serializers.



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