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[eclipselink-dev] Log levels and SQL timeouts

hi all,
As you may have noticed, we have been having an issue with MySQL timing out while running nightly tests on EclipseLink. This has resulted in several otherwise clean nightly builds having test failures. The issue appears to be related to be with DB load, but is being made worse by verbose log levels (eg: FINEST ) creeping into the testing. The slowing down of the tests, in conjunction to the DB load issues is the working theory of why this is occurring.

As of now, 2.4 and 2.5 have been cleaned of FINEST log levels, and the tests ran without timeouts. 2.3 is being looked at today.

Please ensure that when you check in changes to code, that you don't inadvertently turn on logging. Also, when reviewing code for others, please pay attention to this issue.


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