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[eclipselink-dev] Trying out new build times


Because of the db timeout issues we've been seeing, I'm going to try to re-balance the build times for our nightly builds (all branches) and space them two hours apart.

It seems our tests may be pounding the db server, even though they all operate in a different tablespace, ensuring that only one branch is hitting the db at a time may help (full build times have significantly increased in the last year from 45 mins to over 1.5 hours in the case of master (106 mins) (2.4.and 2.3 are now 78 and 73 mins respectively).

Therefore master remain at 12:05 am, but 2.4 will move to 2:05 and 2.3 to 4:05 for tonight's build. I'll let you know if the results warrant a permanent change tomorrow.


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