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[eclipselink-dev] Changes for MavenCentral...


For the Maven Central work, I'm having to realign some of our coordinates for publishing to Maven:
  antlr, asm, and oracleddl will publish under the build version and not their own unique version anymore
     (this will take more space but more importantly it will not end up violating the "once published
      never changes" rule since stripping the qualifier wouldn't give a unique version)
  commonj.sdo will now publish under o.e.p groupId
  javax.persistence and commonj.sdo will use only the three-part version (qualifier stripped)
     (commonj is a risk, but Blaise and David concur and are willing to bump to 2.1.2 if a
      rev is needed).
  I'm also going to be testing the javadoc linkage today, and if it goes well will be activating the
  SonatypeOSS push for tonight as well. Hopefully this weekend will yield a potential M7 candidate.

The big question is whether or not to make these changes to 2.4 as well. I think we have to, and don't
think it affects our status with the Eclipse Release train at all (both because Maven isn't part of the
release train criteria, and 2.4.2 isn't in it). Also due to our dependency publishing it shouldn't effect
users at all (unless they were explicitly pulling components in question).

Regardless these changes would need to be applied to any release we were going to push to Maven Central
anyway, and I think it makes sense to align our Eclipse repo to the new coords as well (for as long as it
is in existence).

Any thoughts?


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