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[eclipselink-dev] The build page, and this weekend...


This is for those curious about the results of the 27th displayed on which looks like evidence of a "build breakage" over the weekend.

What is happening is that EclipseLink builds nightly 'on-demand' (if a transaction goes into the repo, there will be a nightly build), and our Tools repo also builds on-demand. Zip archives of both builds display to the same page. What happened on the 27th was that there was a transaction for tools, but not one for EclipseLink. So there is only a tools archive for that day.

There is larger, but less visible issue that also occurs currently. Since we only keep 10 nightly builds and EclipseLink builds 5-6 days a week, but Tools build much less frequently,  the tools builds are frequently expiring off the nightly page.

I have proposed retaining the latest tools build for each nightly EclipseLink build, but haven't implemented the change. For now, I simply wanted you to be aware of what is occurring.


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