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[eclipselink-dev] Git master push: Bug#393698 - NoSQL dynamic entity support

Git master push: Bug#393698 - NoSQL dynamic entity support


A few fixes, NoSQL support for dynamic entities, named queries, remote JPA.



-          Added mongo NoSQL dynamic entity test.

-          Added mongo NoSQL named query test.


-          Removed DynamicTypeBuilder forcing attribute change tracking, as not all mappings, setting support it, fixed initialize to check for DynamicEntityImpl.

-          Fixed cast in DynamicTypeBuilder to use correct mapping type.

-          Fixed EISPlatform to set correct class loader on XML conversion manager.

-          Fixed statement cache check to be correct for batched calls.

-          Lazy init type class in DatabaseField from typeName for serialization.

-          Changed extractPrimaryKeyForReferenceObject to use objectIsEasilyInstantiated to avoid remote issues.

-          Added beginEarlyTransaction to remote to allow transaction queries to isolate their data correctly.

-          Added DatabaseQuery prepareInternal to avoid normal checkPrepare code for temporary JPAQuery init.

-          Change JPA DDL MASTER table to JPAMASTER to avoid core test conflicts.

-          Fixed NoSQL OneToMany to ignore mappedBy.

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