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[eclipselink-dev] javax.persistence.git is now hosted at eclipse


It is the repository that I will use to generate the javax.persistence bundle. The preview 2.1 code is on Master and the latest 2.0 is on the 2.0 branch. There is no 1.0 code in this repo.

It looks like there is an eclipse project in the repo, but I haven't tested it for 2.1 (2.0.102).

Also of note, after branching 2.0 from the migrated runtime project, I re-created the necessary transactions to document previous 2.1 draft builds and not the other way around, so the latest bundle 102 was not generated from the artifacts in the repo. Moving forward, the bundle will be generated from this repository.

Tom and I have also discussed removal of the jpa source project from the runtime repo. That work will be completed in a few weeks time to give folks a chance to update their Eclipse environments.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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