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[eclipselink-dev] Git push master: Bug#390352 - Remote JPA

Git push master: Bug#390352 - Remote JPA


Adds initial support for Remote JPA.



-          Removed security manager from RMI tests, does not seem to be required any more

-          Added authentication test to Mongo NoSQL tests

-          Added remote JPA persistence unit properties

-          Declared NoSQL user/password persistence unit properties

-          Added user/password support for Mongo NoSQL

-          Change fixedObjectReferences to take DistributedSession

-          Made ObjectChangeListener serializable

-          Fixed performance monitor CacheSize info

-          Fixed instantiation of double serialized remote value holders

-          Deprecated old deleteAllObject signature taking Vector

-          Fixed remote merge to disable change events processing

-          Change change set to serialize field required for commit

-          Fixed up change sets after remote serialization

-          Change JPA OptimisticLockException to be thrown from JPA code, not core code

-          Fixed RepeatbleWriteUnitOfWork to keep track of merged objects correctly

-          Added getDescriptorForAlias to RemoteConnection/controllers

-          Added support for flush and serialization of change sets to RemoteUnitOfWork

-          Added performance monitoring of remote operations

-          Fixed isModifyAllQuery

-          Fixed remote session cache misses

-          Added exception handler to JTA controllers to throw JPA exceptions

-          Added support for local/remote meta-data to remote session

-          Added acquireRepeatableWriteUnitOfWork() API to Session

-          Added RMIServerSessionManager to spawn ClientSessions for Remote

-          Added remote JPA tests

-          Deprecated unused TransactionManagerImpl and TransactionImpl

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