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[eclipselink-dev] JPA-RS Reorganization

Hi All,

  I am considering reorganizing where our JPA-RS classes are found.

Currently JPA-RS is shipped as a web-fragment that contains 3 classes that enable the RS facade and a larger number of classes that provide the core functionality. Users deploy that web-fragment in their WAR/EAR to get the JPA-RS functionality.

I propose moving all the classes that provide core functionality into our org.eclipse.persistence.dbws bundle and leaving only the 3 classes that enable the RS facade in the web fragment.

Moving the core JPA-RS classes into a component that is part of the server will make it easier to extend the functionality for other Services that want to use the functionality they provide without duplication of code.

The DBWS bundle already provides some services that are similar to what JPA-RS provides (a direct XML-Relational translation). Additionally, it either already has, or is planning to add the many of the dependencies JPA-RS requires.

Please reply to this thread if you have concerns,

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