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[eclipselink-dev] Git main push: Bug#390352 - Remote JPA

Git main push: Bug#390352 - Remote JPA


Some minor changes to make JPA artifacts compatible with RemoteSession.



-          Corrected some PersistenceUnitProperties comments

-          Added remoteInitialize to CMPPolicy

-          Fixed FetchGroupManager to be serializable, marked entityFetchGroups as transient

-          Made Call query references transient

-          Made BindCallCustomParameter serializable

-          Fixed cache descriptor reference to be transient

-          Fixed JoinedAttributeManager mapping references to be transient

-          Moved JPAQueryBuilder up to AbstractSession

-          Fixed UnitOfWork merge manager references to be transient

-          Made fieldaccess test model classes serializable

-          Added performance tests for concurrent load groups and thread cursors

-          Fixed CMP3Policy to have transient method references

-          Changed EntityManager to reference AbstractSession

-          Added some null checks in class loader usage

-          Add ASM support to use reflection for JDK classes when ASM fails


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