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[eclipselink-dev] Git push, main - Bug#386398 - performance and concurrency

Git push, main - Bug#386398 - performance and concurrency


(first Git push, hopefully this goes ok...)


This patch make a few minor optimizations and provides some initial experimental concurrency options.


Code review: Andrei (pending)



-          Cleaned up IdentityMap hierarchy constructors, updated test cases.

-          Remove accessor shouldUseThreadCursors option, moved to Session isConcurrent

-          Fixed DescriptorIterator to use more efficient getItems in attribute group

-          Moved load to ObjectBuilder/mappings instead of using descriptor iterator, so is more efficient

-          Added special buildObjects for ThreadCursors

-          Fixed ThreadCursoredList to allow iteration

-          Allowed cache cleanup to occur on concurrent thread for concurrent sessions

-          Added concurrent option to LoadGroup

-          Added load group test

-          Fixed (hopefully) Oracle cast char test failure

-          Removed finalizer from EntityTransaction (finalizer cause major concurrency/gc issues), added option to use finalizer


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