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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Git Tag and branch naming conventions... and a proposal.

I should also mention that I'd like to have some plan regarding this (even if it is "we're fine for now"), before we go live..


On 18/07/2012 11:14 AM, Eric Gwin wrote:

Soon we will have a live git repository... complete with past history release branches and legacy tags.

The commands to see them are:

"git branch -a" to see the branches
"git tag -l" to see the tags (labels)

I've normalized the legacy milestone tags to be <three-part version>-<milestone>, and the branches to be <Two-part version> (Our existing standards).

If you run the tag command you'll notice that there are quite a few, and over time finding what you want may become difficult. Also anyone can create a tag, so I expect it may become more common. With that in mind finding a specific release or milestone tag will be harder if there are also "2.4.1 bugfix 3845665" tags interspersed.

So I want to find out how you'd like to proceed. I'd suggest we do something like the other teams and compartmentalize our tags for easier searching/sorting. I like the idea of separating release and committer tags - Something like:



I'm not suggesting that bugs be tagged, or even that committers use tags. I'm only suggesting that we prepare for the possibility that they come into regular use.

A similar standard may also be needed for branches. To date I'm only planning on maintaining the release branches in the hosted "central" repository. But there may be a need for other branches on the repo. Again, categorizing the branches would be helpful, both for easier searching and to prevent duplication.

What do you think?

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