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[eclipselink-dev] New preliminary repo is available...


I have marked it read-only to all but me. That means pushes will fail for committers, but also that it will be downloadable via http for Edwin to test the QA scripts.

The build and tests should run without need for modification, with exception to the following known caveats:

- Moxy tests will not all download if the root path to the repo is more than about 20 characters long (on Windows).
  The Moxy team is aware of this and, I believe, has plans to shorten their test package naming.

- Git does not store/checkout empty directories, and the build is expecting an empty resource dir in utils/jaxb.
  So ant will fail currently, if the needed dir is not manually created.
  I will be fixing this along with my changes to the nightly build.

- The build still defaults to finding bnd and junit in the "../extension.lib.external" dir, so unless you've defined
  "extensions.depend.dir=<some_dir>" in a ~/ file you will likely need to copy the dir to be a sibling
  of your cloned repo.
  The same is true of "" with regards to defining it, or needing to copy.

- The plugins, javax.persistence, hermes, and utils/workbench projects are included.
   - I will be pulling out the whole utils tree, and deleting it in the active branches soon.
   - The same is true of javax.persistence - I will be posting the git repo soon.
   - The plugins dir will be removed over time in active branches as the build adapts to git. (though I plan on
     removing the plugins projects much sooner).

Let me know if you run into any issues or have questions.


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