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Re: [eclipselink-dev] git migration status...


Sleeping the mac while two terminals are running disk intensive processes doesn't work well. One woke up the other didn't. Unfortunately, the one ended up taking the other down. I need to start again. Of course staring at the office could lead to the same thing on the way home... so rather than spending the night at the office, I've gone home early to complete the migration. I'll see u all tomorrow.

David doesn't believe there is much to be gained by uploading the faulty repo, so I'm going to focus on migrating the build locally (using that copy) while the migration proceeds.


On 16/07/2012 9:11 AM, Eric Gwin wrote:

The migrations started out a bit rocky and I was unable to start when I'd hoped. After an 18 hour delay, I was able to proceed roughly as expected. To outline, in order to clean up our svn repo to get it into shape to migrate I had to:
- generate a dumpfile
- use sed and filterdump to fix non-standard naming issues, and remove some of the cruft (removing the 1000+
  copies of eclipselink.jar and took the dumpfile from 12 gig to 2)
- import the dumpfile into a new svn repo
- export the new-svn repo into git
- use a repo tool to clean out the remaining cruft from the git rep (was hoping to avoid this step by moving it into the filterdump step, but filterdump isn't smart enough)
- create multi-branch repo for build dependencies (plugins)
- convert local repo into hosted format
- update the build.

Around midnight last night, I began the svn to git conversion, this morning I found that the authors info wasn't being read correctly (so transactions don't have the correct information), and I've started it again after correcting the problem. Unfortunately, I don't expect it to finish for around 8 hours-10 hours, so it'll be plugging away until EOB today.

I have the bogus migrated repository that has much of the cruft removed, and am planning on converting it to hosted format and posting it as a replacement for org.eclipse.eclipselink.test.git today. It'll give you a better idea of what we'll end up with, and I'll also continue the build migration process on it so should be able to merge that work soon after the conversion is complete.

I'll send out further email as the status changes.


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