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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#315087 support CAST, EXTRACT in JPQL

SVN trunk commit: Bug#315087 support CAST, EXTRACT in JPQL


Adds some JPQL enhancements include support for SQL standard CAST and EXTRACT functions.



Code review: Andrei, Pascal (pending)



·         Added core _expression_ tests for CAST, EXTRACT, NULLS FIRST/LAST

·         Add JPQL support for NULLS ordering to AbstractReadAllQueryVisitor

·         Add base to ON clause in AbstractReadAllQueryVisitor

·         Add JPQL support for CAST and EXTRACT

·         Add JPQL ! support for joining to an AbstractSchemaName, Join to allow no related joins using ON

·         Add _expression_ support for nullsFirst, nullsLast, extract(), cast(), renamed XML extract() to extractXml()

·         Made object comparisons work in both directions in RelationExpression, ensured session is set on builder before calling isObjectComparison

·         Fixed ordering to also handle nullsFirst in orderBy normalization

·         Mapped REPLACE to STR_REPLACE in Sybase

·         Added JPQL tests for null ordering, left object parameters, cast, extract, using class names in from (commented out)

·         Uncommented test for alias to alias join in from clause, and complex like

·         Changed BasicStateObjectBuilder to extend AbstractExpressionVisitor to make extending JPQL easier

·         Attempted to add JPQL subselect FROM clause support to RangeVariableDeclaration, but is not functional yet

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