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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#312146 JPQL

SVN trunk commit: Bug#312146 JPQL


This is a 2nd attempt to switch to the Hermes parser.

Please ensure you have the core.jpql and jpa.jpql components available in your environment.



-          Switches default JPQL parser to Hermes.

-          Moves JPQL parser to be instance variable of session instead of global static variable to allow configuration of parser and validation per persistence unit.

-          Removed JPAQueryBuilderManager.

-          Removes auto string conversion of data in MongoDB, adds data-type tests to Mongo tests, and auto converts BigDecimal and BigInteger to String as type are not supported by Mongo.

-          Fixed Sybase and SQLServer platforms to emulate TRIM using RTRIM(LTRIM.

-          Fixed JPA metamodel isAssociation

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