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[eclipselink-dev] Recent changes...

Hello all,

I wanted to send this out so you'd be aware of a few testing changes. Yesterday I completed a fix for Kevin that among other things involved splitting the core and jpa testing jars. In both cases the framework classes were removed and put into separate jars, also all the "test" jars were renamed to "eclipselink-<module>-tests.jar" rather than the previous generic "eclipselink-tests.jar" that was used in most cases. In all cases, the build files use variables to represent the jarname. While the framework jarnames are also defined in the root properties file, most of the needed test jarnames are only defined  in the local properties file of the module in question.

The overall change allows differentiation of testing jars, and removes inter-module testing jar dependencies where only the framework classes were needed (the only exception was in the case of oracle extension testing, where the tests depend upon the core models as well as the core framework - maybe a general split between framework, models and tests should be considered).

As a side-effect of this work, it may become easier to split-away the various test framework code modules from the actual test modules and create test framework project(s) - not planned at this point.


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