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[eclipselink-dev] SVN commit trunk: Bug#246356 inner joins

SVN commit trunk: Bug#246356 inner joins


Adds support to configure INNER joins to be printed in the FROM clause similar to OUTER joins.

Also fixes a performance regression.


Code review: Andrei



-          Fix to ClassDescriptor multiple table initialization to ensure join _expression_ is built for all tables in descriptor. (otherwise join is missed when outer/inner joining child)

-          Added support to Expressions to add INNER joins to FROM clause if configured to print INNER joins in the FROM clause.

-          Added printInnerJoinInWhereClause property to DatabasePlatform to allow inner join printing to be configurable.

-          Fixed inheritance views not working with outer/inner joins.

-          Fixed AggregateObjectMapping to only build wrapped CacheKey when required for protected cache.

-          Fixed ObjectLevelReadQuery equal to avoid properties check on cache query, as already checked elsewhere, and causes cache missed with prepared query.

-          Some cleanup.

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