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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#312146 - ON clause JPQL support

SVN trunk commit: Bug#312146 - ON clause JPQL support


This adds initial support for ON clause in JPQL using the Hermes parser.

Still require support for joining independent objects through ON.



-          Append join _expression_ from ON when processing joins in AbstractReadAllQueryVisitor.

-          Fixed unsupported error messages in _expression_ for joins.

-          Fixed PessimisticLockingExtendedScopeTestSuite to defer SQLServer tests correctly in test, not when building suite, as platform may not be set yet and can cause errors in testing tool.

-          Added ON clause tests to JUnitJPQLComplexTestSuite and JUnitJPQLValidationTestSuite.

-          Fixed typo in HavingClause.

-          Added onClause to Join

-          Added OnClause, BNF and Factory to Hermes parser.


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