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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#366426, nosql, logging, hermes

SVN trunk commit: Bug#366426


This patch fixes removes some unnecessary RelationalDescriptor dependencies in JPA, improves logging categorization, and makes the JPQL parser more pluggable.



-          Changed some calls to getPlatform() in JPA, core, testing to getDatasourcePlatform() to support non-relational platforms.

-          Moved Oracle AQ test resources to Oracle test component.

-          Fixed Hermes parser to build subselects to avoid duplicate table joins.

-          A! dded JPAQueryBuilder/Manager to allow plugable JPQL parsers.

-          HermesParser: implemented JPAQueryBuilder to allow usage with EclipseLink.

-          Changed some references to DirectToFieldMapping to AbstractDirectMapping.

-          Fix Struct to allow be applied to classes only, not fields.

-          Moved weaving specific property to ClassDescriptor.

-          Changed JPQL parser usage to use JPAQueryBuilder to allow pluggable parsers.

-          Added some @Overrides

-          Made creation of basic/embedded mappings allow descriptor to create correct mapping type.

-          Fixed EISDirectMapping to account for using correct xpath syntax in field names.

-          Optimized _expression_/jpql object IN comparisons to avoid join.

-          Added support for using isNull/notNull on _expression_ builders/root objects.

-          Fixed usages of logging to pass log category and use session log when session is available.

-          Fixed XMLRecord to use XMLField on get(String)/put, not DatabaseField.

-          Updated the clustering performance tests.

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