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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#350597 sub-selects in SELECT, FROM clause

SVN trunk commit: Bug#350597  sub-selects in SELECT, FROM clause


Added support to _expression_ for sub-selects in the SELECT and FROM clauses.


Code review:  Andrei (pending)



- Added getTable(_expression_) to _expression_.

- Moved getContainingDescriptor() up to DataExpression and chnaged code to use it.

- Added clonedExpression to ExpressionNormalizer to keep track of identity.

- Avoided duplicate normalization in reusable expressions.

- Added FromAliasExpression to allow query key like usage on FROM clause sub-selects.

- Added FromSubSelectExpression to allow sub-selects in the FROM clause, treated as TableExpressions.

- Added SubSelectDatabaseTable to allow sub-selects to be treated as table and printed in the FROM clause.

- Added support for print SubSelectExpression in select clause.

- Fixed issue of ReportQuery items using rebuild instead of copy.

- Fixed mappingCriteria to take the base to ensure the mapping _expression_ is twisted with the correct base.

- Changed logging to log the category.

- Fixed ReportQuery to copy having clause.

- Fixed SchemaManager to reset database event listeners after creating tables.

- Added some @Overrides, some cleanup

- Added sub-select FROM and SELECT clause tests to _expression_ subs-selects core test suite.

- Got Stephen Mcritchie's infamous ParallelCorrelatedSubSelectsTest working finally.

- Changed _expression_ tests to unprepare in setup so they can be re-run.

- Added JPA JPQL test for sub-select in the HAVING clause and sue with comparison operators.


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