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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#336726 - issues with cacheable

SVN trunk commit: Bug#336726 - issues with cacheable



- relationships to protected classes were being marked as non-cacheable, but

they should be cacheable -- fixed to allow caching

- aggregate collections (element collection) do not have a cache-key when being

built, so protected aggregate collections will not work -- fixed for now by

making element collections that have non-cacheable relationships as


- aggregates (embeddables) were computing if they have non-cacheable mappings

in initial, but non-cacheable is not set in mappings until postInitialize --

fixed to do both in initialize

- foreign key value were not cached for aggregates as the

hasNonCacheableMappings check did not work, and the code was casting to



Code review: Tom, Gord


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