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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#350484 cache index support

SVN trunk commit: Bug#350484 cache index support




Code review: Gord



- Added @CacheIndex, @CacheIndexes annotations, xml and JPA meta-data processing

- Added 2-4 eclipselikn-orm schema

- Added CachePolicy to encapsulate all cache functionality of a descriptor

- Redirected all cache state/behavior to CachePolicy (old API still supported)

- Added CacheIndex and support to CachePolicy

- Changed primary key extraction from _expression_ to be able to extract any fields

- Index objects in the session cache when read/build from row.

- Removed duplicate postMerge event

- Fixed field name uppercasing

- Added map of cache index IdentityMaps to IdentityMapManager

- Added clear method for clearing indexes, clear indexes when clearing cache

- Methods to get/put CacheKey by index to IdentityMapManager

- Added cache index check to ExpressionQueryMechanism cache check, always conform result with _expression_.

- Added pre/postLogout Session events

- Added extensive comments to mergeChangesOfWorkingCopyIntoOriginal

- Added null check in merge to avoid double locking (all new objects were being locked twice)

- Removed managed new object without change set merge case that cannot occur

- Fixed @ClassExtractor to define required class type

- Added evict with invalidation in cluster option to JPA Cache

- Added index to core employee model and tests

- Added @CacheIndex usage to JPA advanced model and tests to AdvancedQueryTestSuite

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