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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Merging Part one of of fix for 260428 tonight

**Now that Oracle's email server is back online I can send this out... The one I attempted to send from my personal email bounced (not subscribed) **

The trunk build is good. Automated build changes work as expected. I've also added PDE files, and they all load in PDE. However, I'm uncertain if the settings are appropriate for all developers. Feel free to update as needed. I'll be updating the Tycho work into a trunk transaction today. Testing may take until tonight.

The biggest change with Tycho, is that developers will be responsible for maintaining the Manifest file. However, since it is used to build, errors will be evident much more rapidly.


P.S. Since this morning I've been reminded that some of the changes will be a bit more involved, so I'll be merging the pom files without linkage. Then begin the work to migrate the system over.

On 05/07/2011 2:58 PM, Eric Gwin wrote:

I plan on merging part 1 of the transaction to fix bug 260428 tonight after 5p.

It will change:
1. with the exception of workbench, all build.xml and files used for build automation are renamed to antbuild.xml or files only used by Eclipse PDE projects will remain unchanged.
2. some commented out build code is included for ease of transition to Tycho, which will come later.

After this transaction I will have another transaction to merge PDE specific files into each PDE project (again with the exception of Workbench).

I have tested all I can without going live, but will also be checking up on the nightly builds tonight/early tomorrow.


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